Tumblr Infinite Scrolling Instructions STEP 1

Here are some instructions on how to get an infinite or endless scrolling Tumblr blog:

I should note that what I used was a modified version of Proto.jp’s version. So honestly, he deserves all the coding credit! I really am just trying to provide instructions on how to get it going, since it can be so tricky. 

Now, depending on your Tumblr theme, adding infinite scrolling will either be: Ridiculously easy, kinda difficult, or just impossible. This is why I ask you to please follow me on Tumblr to keep up with updates for the code. Even if this doesn't work for you yet, it may perhaps in the future. OK, so lets start with the assumption that yours will be ridiculously easy. Just add this to the end of your description in Tumblr:

<script type="text/javascript" src="http://codysherman.tumblr.com/tools/infinite-scrolling/code"></script>

Now go ahead and see if it appears to work (If not jump straight to Step 2 now). If does look like it's working, you are done! Please show me some support by following me on Tumblr to keep up with updates for the code, and also check out my other projects: My music Tumblr: 2N and my tech Tumblr: Force Close.

If it is now working, posting to your blog with a link to these instructions for others to find would be much appreciated! And if you want to do more, like add a button to your page to let people jump to the top or make your sidebar stay stationary, check out the FAQ.



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